Carpet Cleaning Services

With SF Magic Carpet Cleaning San Francisco you will be saving money and getting a professional carpet cleaning by our team of trained technicians. We will also go the extra mile using non-toxic emulsifier, work on the surface, lifting as much dirt as possible, your carpet will smell fresh like new.

We are able to offer the best treatment for your carpet, removing engrained dirt, tough stains and those invisible allergens - restoring your carpet to a like new appearance. Your home will not only look better, it will be sanitized and smell FRESH! 

  • You will get a professional carpet cleaning that will remove even the most ground-in dirt, odors, and stains your carpet will look and feel fresh.
  • We will inspect the area for the type of dirt and stains it shows and decide on the best way to get rid of them.  
  • We will apply a non-toxic emulsifier to facilitate extraction and use our powerful vacuum system to extract all dirt and soils.  
  • We can also apply special treatments like deodorizers if requested or if the odor is persistent and hard to remove with traditional cleaning.

Our professionals will use a fast-drying carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets thoroughly and quickly, most of the moisture from your carpet will be gone but it may still feel a little damp to the touch.

SFMagic clean service is quick, convenient and affordable. Your place will be ready sanitized and fresh within one hour depending on the the rooms. Call us today for a FREE Estimate at Ph: (650) 271-7557.