Floor Services - Waxing and Stripping

Floor waxing and maintenance is a constant factor in any business. The best practice is daily floor sweeping and mopping to keep floors spotless. Our full floor cleaning service includes buffing, waxing and stripping the floor to keep it clean and presentable. We offer Janitorial Service with the highest quality for your business. 

For your peace of mind, our service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, most of our clients are returning clients, satisfied with our floor waxing and striping services.  Call us today at : Ph: (650) 271-7557, if you are in  need of:

Floor machine buffing | Machine clean floors | Several Waxing Coats | Stripping the floor | Hardwood floor care | Special floor (such as marble, stone, etc) care | Pressure Washing | Construction Dust | Floor stripping and waxing.

We'll schedule a floor technician to check your floors and make recommendations as to what will be best for your floor. We are experts in floor care maintenance, stripping, refinishing, buffing and sealing vinyl (VCT),  for your linoleum, terrazzo, and hardwood floors. Your floor must be stripped and waxed  by professionals to keep it shiny and durable, we only use the best products in order to achieve the longest durability and appearance.


We do it right from start to finish: 

  • Sweep and dust the area removing all dirt.
  • Strip it to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Carefully apply the stripping, use an automatic scrubber to remove sealer.
  • Mop it, rinse it, let it dry.
  • Finally apply the sealer of wax that is appropriate for that floor surface.